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compound noun \e-‘klek-‘trä-ni-kÉ™\


Electronic music comprised of elements drawn from various sources & influences dating from the 1970s to current day - featuring extensive use of synthesizers, electronic percussion, samplers and audio loops of infinite origins.

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Get the new CD release from OZGA: "Proverbial Groove"

 "Proverbial Groove" is the long awaited début release that perfectly showcases the uniquely fresh & energetically original trademark OZGA sound! A unique and satisfying listening experience, combining a subtle foundation of rock-rhythmic structure & feel with innovative & progressive Electronica arrangements!

The album’s musical genre is best described as new, Fresh Progressive "Elcec-tronica". It features meticulously crafted vocal and instrumental arrangements that cleverly draw style & inspiration from the very best combination of synthetic and organic musical loops and grooves from the past three decades.

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Also available via download from: